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March 06, 2022

try it out here!

link to code

example of final output
example of final output


i’ve wanted to work with personality tests for a moment, and this seemed like a good opportunity to explore the output of personality tests. specifically, i drew inspiration from enneagram, myers briggs, and astrology analysis as my baseline for what i wanted to create.

i looked at these examples as my inspiration (you can also read more about the tests themselves): enneagram description enneagram type 1 enneagram type descriptions

myers briggs personality types myers briggs ENFP myers briggs ISTJ strengths & weaknesses

astrology moon signs astrology moon signs in relation to their sun


i began with identifying what i wanted to include in my version of this generator. key features of each personality test result i identified:

  1. title
  2. brief description with important traits
  3. strengths / weaknesses, desires / fears
  4. longer description
  5. compatibility with other types

this translated into my ruleset pretty directly:

rules = {
    "origin": "#title#",
    "title": "THE [type:#description#]#type.uppercase#",
    "description": descript["descriptions"]

something i didn’t realize for awhile is that you can save states of effectively variables using [] and whatever you want the data to be saved as. in the above example i use type as my variable name and pulling that randomly from my source files.

here are some in-progress screenshots of what was being generated: blunt indep vuln

speaking of my source files, these came from the corpora project:

moods tarot interpretation adj for describing people

i pulled these in using the following code:

import json
with open('descriptions.json') as f:
    descript = json.load(f)
with open('moods.json') as f:
    mood = json.load(f)["moods"]
with open('tarot_interpretations.json') as f:
    interpret = json.load(f)

# post-processing data
buzzwords = []
fears = []
desires = []
for i in interpret["tarot_interpretations"]:

i selected moods, tarot interpretations, and adjectives for describing people from the corpora project, and parsed it as needed. the only one i did more data processing on was tarot interpretations, because the “keywords” can be used as traits of a person. for the light and shadow, i made those into fears and desires for each personality.

i also added a button, which reruns the cell so that the personalities are generated endlessly. this was done with the following code:

def run_all(ev):

html_src = "<body><p>"+"".join(story).replace("\n", "<br>")+"</p></body></html>"
button = widgets.Button(description="NEW PERSONALITY")


link to code (again)

final ruleset
final ruleset
another final output
another final output


tracery and python notebook tracery repository tracery tutorial ipython display documentation running all cells from button

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